Celiac Syndrome

The Controversy of Celiac Disease (Gluten Sensitivity)

The problem here is that we define a complex autoimmune disease spectrum by a traditional and end-stage histologic finding. Better tools are on the way… There is a spectrum of gluten intolerant disorders. I vote that she has gluten intolerance which is also called celiac syndrome. Treatment is a gluten free diet. Only the top 30% of gluten intolerant people meet the criteria of celiac disease with positive blood work and biopsy. The other 70% are not able to be diagnosed by current criteria but definitely have gluten intolerance or celiac syndrome.

A number of people without celiac disease may feel better on a restrictive diet, but I suspect for a lot of them it’s because their diet is now healthier. I have seen a lot of this and found out that it’s the lack of processed and junk foods rather than the lack of gluten that works for them. Just something to think about.