Adjunctive Sinus Measures

Shots and Vaccines

Getting an annual flu shot and getting the pneumococcal vaccine are always a good idea. Prevnar is a 7-valent vaccine, whereas Pneumovax is better with 23 stimulating antigens. The pneumococcal vaccine is slightly effective at lessening the incidence of otitis media and probably rhinosinusitis. It changes the infectious agent to non-typable hemophilis, which lessens the efficacy of the aminopenicillins.

Intradermal zovirax and flu vaccine

Vitamins and Supplements

Vitamin D

Zinc (zicam), vitamin C (up to 2,500 mg or 25,000 units per day), echinacea and other supplements remain unproven but certainly have no ill side effects. These can be administered either topically or systemically.

Papaya enzymes in a product called Clearease has been advocated by Dr. Grossan to be used in his Water Pik. Evidence is lacking and benefits seem subjective. A variety of herbal remedies have received attention. Echinacea is well known by many to help with URI’s. Some have advocated horseradish, bromelain, goldenseal, stinging nettle, ephedra and others. They seem harmless.

Adjunctive Thyroid Medicine

Bactroban Ointment

Yeast Reduction Protocol (Antifungals)Adjuntive


Gluten Free Diet

ASA Desensitization


Long Term Antibiotics (Derm Style)