Allergy drops (SLIT)

Allergy drops, also known as “sublingual immunotherapy” (SLIT), are another way to administer immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is the administration of the substances that trigger allergies to the patient on a regular basis, allowing the patient to slowly acclimate to his or her environment.

Drops are different from shots in that they are taken two to three times a day at home, rather than 1-2 times a week in the doctor’s office. They taste sweet and only take a few seconds to administer. The ability to treat young children is perhaps the most important benefit of SLIT.

For food allergies, SLIT is the only viable type of immunotherapy. Additionally, two childhood allergic conditions, eczema and recurrent otitis media, may also benefit from SLIT. SLIT can also be used to treat multiple allergies simultaneously.

Our companion site, Sinus & Allergy Center of the Midwest, provides additional information on SLIT.

Allergy Drops are a good option for select patients

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