For about the first six months of life, infants enjoy the protection of their mother’s immune system. After this, young children are very prone to infections of the ear, nose, sinuses, and throat. These are most frequently caused by viral infections (colds), and they may be aggravated by allergies.

The younger the child, the more likely allergies are to ingestants such as milk. Children rarely have a lot of inhalant allergies. As they get older, inhalant allergies become more prominent, and severely allergic kids seem more likely to develop asthma. This progression is often called the “allergic march”. Most providers agree that early and aggressive treatment can help prevent this progression.

At Midwest Ear, Nose, and Throat, we have become skilled in recognizing allergies. If warranted, we can diagnose allergies (either blood or skin testing), and offer several treatment options.

Our companion site, Sinus & Allergy Center of the Midwest, provides more information oningestant allergiesinhalant allergiesdiagnosing allergies, and treating allergies.

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