Sublingual Immunotherapy

MENT photo 03.05.14 007Allergic conditions account for many sick, nonproductive days for millions of adults and children. While many adults are able to “deal” with their allergies, children in particular are very vulnerable to their symptoms. Often, their allergic conditions are misdiagnosed as colds or other respiratory tract infections. Because allergies usually present in childhood, it is important that the underlying condition is identified and appropriately treated. By getting the allergy under better control, you or your child can halt the progression of the allergy, lessen the risk of developing secondary complications such as asthma and sinusitis, and most importantly, feel better.

In recent years, sublingual immunotherapy/allergy drops (SLT) has gained popularity in the treatment of allergies. This treatment is widely utilized in Europe and the World Health Organization has endorsed sublingual immunotherapy as a viable alternative to injection immunotherapy or allergy shots. Many of our patients, both adults and children, have noticed a significant improvement in their allergy symptoms with this treatment. There have been numerous medical studies on SLT and this treatment is now a “headliner” at the major allergy conferences. In the upcoming years, allergy drops are sure to become a standard in the treatment of many allergic conditions, including hayfever, asthma, eczema and even food allergies.

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