Antileukotriene Agents

Antileukotriene medications, typically given orally, stop the productions of certain cytokines to limit inflammation. Some have mixed Singulair as a nasal spray with saline and claim to be successful. Singulair is the primary leukotriene inhibitor utilized, Singulair seems to have some positive effect at keeping polyposis at bay.

Singulair has generally been considered safe. However, there is a new look at depression and suicidal ideation that we will keep you appraised on. Even in infants, you can administer Singulair granules. Chewable versions are available as well in 4-5 mg doses. Adults typically take 10 mg as needed. These are also effective for asthma, and thought to limit the regrowth of nasal polyps.

Zyflo (Monoleukast) will be back on the market soon, and requires the monitoring of liver function tests.

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