Allergy Shots

img_5598_mediumOnce we have determined what you are allergic to, and decide that immunotherapy is appropriate, we actually begin injecting you with the substances to which you are allergic. Although this seems odd, it turns down your immune system and can actually eliminate your allergies over time. We usually begin by giving you two shots a week to build up the dose of antigen. We then reduce the frequency of the shots. Because of the advanced techniques we use during allergy testing, we can build up the dose faster and more effectively.

Because we are injecting you with what you are allergic to, there are risks. However, because of the advanced testing and dosing techniques we use reactions are rare. Even so, we don’t want to take any risks, so we administer the shots in the clinic and have you wait for a period of time. Once you have built up to the highest concentration, we can have you take your shots at a clinic closer to home.

We generally give the shots six to nine months to demonstrate clinical improvement. In excess of 90% of patients notice improvement. Most patients continue the shots about five years to gain permanent benefits.

Another option is allergy drops.

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