Nasal Obstruction in Children

One of the most common causes for nasal obstruction in children is enlargement of the adenoids, the tonsil-like tissues that fill the back of the nose up behind the palate. Children with this problem breathe noisily at night and even snore. They also are chronic mouth breathers, and they develop a “sad” long face and sometimes even dental deformities.

Surgery to remove the adenoids and sometimes the tonsils may be advisable. Often we will reduce the turbinates in children with the radiofrequency unit, as we have found this to be helpful. Other causes in this category include nasal tumors and foreign bodies. Children are prone to inserting various objects such as peas, beans, cherry pits, beads, buttons, safety pins, and bits of plastic toys into their noses. Beware of one-sided foul smelling discharge, which can be caused by a foreign body. A specialist should be consulted.

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