Clinical trial boosts EpiCor’s efficacy for immune health

epicor_header_mediumEpiCor was accidentally discovered in 2004, when insurance adjusters noticed that employees of a leading animal nutrition products manufacturer had unusually low sick leave rates and filed significantly fewer claims than employees of similarly sized companies. Subsequent research determined that individuals who worked directly with the yeast culture experienced increased natural killer cell activity, higher antioxidant levels, an improved ratio of immune helper cells to suppressor cells, and lower levels of undesirable immune complexes. Another company, EpiCor, was created to research and sell the human version of this proprietary yeast culture.

EpiCor is so new that very little of the research has been published. The unpublished research is, so far, very impressive both from the effectiveness and safety standpoint. It is currently available as an non FDA approved nutrient. It is typically dosed at 500 mg per day for adults and 150mg per day for pediatrics. It seems to be a reasonable and safe adjunct to the patient who simply gets sick to often

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