Caveman Diet

Caveman Diet

This primitive diet is an excellent and cost-effective screening test for food allergy. This diet eliminates the most frequent food offenders, typically corn, egg, wheat, milk, soy, and peanut.

Eat ALL you want of:

• Fresh fruits (frozen, if home prepared, or in plastic bags from grocery store).

• Fresh vegetable (or as above)

• Broiled, boiled, or baked meat, but do not eat any meat more than one time per day.

• Drink PURE fruit juice, vegetable juice, and water (bottled or filtered is better)

You may NOT eat:

• You may not have any prepared food products (boxed mixes, etc)

• You may not have cake, cookies, candy, or soft drinks.

• You may not have any grains or nuts (including rice and soy)

• You may not have any dairy products—milk, butter, margarine, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, etc

• You may not have any fruit, vegetable, or meat to which you have been found allergic.

• Fruit “drinks” contain corn syrup are NOT allowed.


• You may have one teaspoon of honey per day.

• Corn—even though often considered a vegetable—is a grain, and is to be totally eliminated.

The purpose of this diet is to get the “hidden” foods out of the diet: corn, eggs, wheat, milk sugar, soy, peanut, as well as chocolate, coffee, etc. These are the foods that people are most likely allergic to.

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