turbinate_sideview_web_mediumThe upper respiratory tract (particularly the nasal and sinus passages) tends to be the primary target organ of allergies. Patients suffer a myriad of symptoms from nasal congestion to itchy, watery eyes, runny nose and recurring sinus infections.

Allergic patients show reduced resistance to respiratory infections, and more severe symptoms when infections occur. Allergies are rarely life-threatening, but often cause lost work days, decreased work efficiency, poor school performance, and a negative effect on the enjoyment of life. Considering the millions spent in anti-allergy medications and the cost of lost work time, allergies cannot be considered a minor problem.

It is best for the patient if specialists is trained comprehensively in both medical and surgical treatment of their problems, as many patients will require combination therapy. The practicioners at our clinic have this training. We will do a complete examination of your ears, nose, throat, head and neck. Careful evaluation of the sinuses will allow us to determine if infection or structural abnormality (deviated septum, polyps) are contributing to your symptoms.

As nasal and sinus specialists, we are able to diagnose and treat infections, allergies, and even do complex nasal plastic and reconstructive surgery to best care for our patients. We are also fully trained in allergy so we can avoid surgery when possible.

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