When is surgery necessary for sinusitis?

Surgery is considered for the small percentage of children with severe or persistent sinusitis symptoms despite medical and allergy therapy. Using an instrument called an endoscope, the ENT surgeon opens the natural drainage pathways of your child’s sinuses and makes the narrow passages wider.

This also allows for culturing so that antibiotics can be directed specifically against your child’s sinus infection. Opening up the sinuses and allowing air to circulate usually results in a reduction in the number and severity of sinus infections.

Our companion site, Sinus & Allergy Center of the Midwest, provides more information about sinus surgery.

Also, your doctor may advise removing adenoid tissue from behind the nose as part of the treatment for sinusitis. Although the adenoid tissue does not directly block the sinuses, infection of this tissue can cause many symptoms that are similar to sinusitis—runny nose, stuffy nose, post-nasal drip, bad breath, cough, and headache.


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