Day care and illness

The 2000 census reported that of among the nation’s 19.6 million preschoolers:

  • 21% were cared for by grandparents
  • 17% were cared for by their father while their mother was employed or in school
  • 12% were in day care centers
  • 9% were cared for by other relatives
  • 7% were cared for by a family day care provider in their home
  • 6% received care in nursery schools or preschools
  • Over 1/3 of preschoolers (7.2 million) had no regular child-care arrangement and presumably were under maternal care

Day care establishments are defined as those primarily engaged in care of infants or children, or in providing pre-kindergarten education, where medical care and/or behavioral correction are not a primary function or major element. Some may or may not have substantial educational programs, and some may care for older children when they are not in school.

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