Facial Plastics

darklogo-medAppearance plays a big role in the lives of most people. We begin the day looking in the mirror – washing our face, brushing our teeth, combing our hair, shaving, and putting on makeup. For some, the reflection can cause displeasure due to accidents, birth defects, or other signs such as premature aging. Many of these conditions can be improved surgically and many people choose to put their faces in the hands of a facial plastic surgeon. A facial plastic surgeon specializes in performing cosmetic and reconstructive surgery on the face, head, and neck region.

A facial plastic surgeon is typically board certified in otolaryngology, the specialty addressing surgery of the head and neck. These surgeons perform the majority of elective facial plastic surgery procedures in the United States. Facial plastic surgeons have spent five to six years in postgraduate surgical training, including a year in general surgery and at least four more years specializing in head, neck, and facial plastic surgery.

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