Total Nasal Expertise

By Dr. Todd

rhinochinafter_medium rhinochinbefore_mediumWhether it be Appearance, Obstruction, Allergies, or Infections we owe it to our patients to be the most highly trained experts on the nose and sinuses. That is why we developed the Sinus and Allergy Center of the Midwest, a site of comprehensive excellence. This way our patient’s know that we will be their final destination for any nasal or sinus problems.

Allergies can affect a significant number of us, and the nose and sinuses tend to be the target organ. We offer the most sophisticated testing and treatment techniques. An additional advantage is the ability to test our pediatric patients while we are operating on them. This eliminates any anxiety associated with skin testing.

We currently have hundreds of patients getting successful treatment. Although the vast majority of our patients get shots, some are on allergy drops. This unique form of allergy treatment is common in Europe and has been proven both safe and effective. It provides a “friendlier” method of allergen administration especially for our pediatric patients. This full complement of allergy and medical therapy allows us to successfully treat many sinus patients without surgery.

However, when surgery is necessary we have the highest level of training and experience in the region. We utilize only the latest endoscopic techniques and state of the art equipment. For difficult or revision sinus procedures we perform image guided sinus surgery. This allows us to do the most extensive surgeries with maximal safety. The minimally invasive techniques allow patients a much faster recovery.

Sometimes, the shape of the nose or nasal passages themselves is to blame for a patient’s breathing problems. In these cases, the Sinus and Allergy Center offers nasal valveplasty and septoplasty procedures as well as radiofrequency treatment of chronic nasal obstruction. We also have a great deal of experience in rhinoplasty (plastic surgery of the nose) and can incorporate obtaining the patient’s cosmetic desires into the overall treatment plan.

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Comprehensive Excellence

Posted on November 4, 2006
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