Often run a high CK.  Should avoid fasting for prolonged periods of time.  In the event of anorexia or vomiting patient should receive intervenous 10% Dextrose infusion to meed about 1.5x their caloric requirements.  Febrile illness should be aggressivley treated with antibiotics and antipyretics.  High energy drinks are encouraged.  Excessive of prolonged exertion should be avoided.

In the case of surgery, intravenous 10% Dextrose infusion should be given before, during, and after the surgery.  A pre op and post operative CK should be checked.  Aneshthetics such as Halothane and Succinylcholine increase the risk for rhabdomyolysis and should thus be avoided. (Basically institute MH precautions.)

In the event of a rhabdomyolysis attack (pt presents with pain or swelling in the muscles, dark urin, or abdominal pain) the patient should be given a high-carbohydrate solution to be drank immediately and a 10 % dextrose infusion given ASAP.

Blood draw for for K+, myoglobin, and CK as well as urinalysis for organic acids should be checked immediately and followed serially.

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