Nose Rinse Devices

You can use any of the following devices to administer a nose rinse.

Baby bulb syringe (blue)

Most of our patients simply purchase these at their local drug store. They are inexpensive and can be replaced frequently. We often have patients wash out the nasal passages in the shower by leaning their head forward and, while vocalizing (saying “ahhh”), flush out the nasal passages. Vocalizing prevents fluid from getting into the lungs.

Sinus rinse kit

A simple rinse bottle has been developed by NeilMed called the sinus rinse kit. It is also available in a pediatric size, and is available in our clinic as well.

Simply Saline

A pressurized saline product is available from Simply Saline which some patients have found very helpful.

Water Pik

Hydro Med makes a hydropulse system with a grossan nasal irrigator tip. This system works well and gently pulsates the rinse into the nasal and sinus passages.

Neti Pot

The Neti Pot allows the patient to pour the irrigation through the nose. More information is available at or

Compounding companies

  • Sinuneb is a nebulizer system with a nasal tip manufactured by SinusPharmacy. The company facilitates the administration of different drugs by directly providing them to the patients. This system has been around the longest. The biggest complaint is the expense–many insurers will not pay for this product.
  • Sinucare is another company that compounds antimicobial and antifungal nasal sprays and nasal drops. They come in a simple nasal mist tube and cost less than some of the nebulizers.
  • SinusAero and Sinus Science are two recent systems with a full complement of medications and delivery systems promising better payer relations. These devices allow unparalleled delivery of topical medications for the severe sinus patient.
  • Others include Entsol, Saltaire, Nosopure, Sterimar, and Oasis. Information on them is readily available on the internet.
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