Steroids are important in the treatment of both acute and chronic rhinosinusitis, as well as for allergies. Steroids lessen your immune response to offending allergens and irritants. Sinusitis is essentially inflammation of the sinus mucosa. Steroids are like a “dumb bomb” that essentially stunts the entire immune system, thereby lessening inflammation. Note that we are referring to corticosteroids, not anabolic steroids (those that build muscle).

Steroids give tremendous relief to allergy sufferers and autoimmune patients, but they have unfortunate side effects. Steroids can be given systemically, topically, or injected directly to the site of concern. They are non-addictive and very helpful to most of our patients.

Common Brands

Several prescription brands of topical and systemic steroids are available.

Side Effects

Steroids can have numerous significant side effects.

Using Steroids

Steroids, used as indicated, can be a very effective starting point for allergy treatment.

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