Treating Rhinosinusitis

img_5478_mediumWe generally start treating sinus issues beginning with the least invasive or disruptive option, and progressing to most invasive (or surgery) if necessary. Because these are not typically life-threatening issues, we really don’t “have to” do anything. We prefer to educate patients and allow them to decide how far to go with therapy. We certainly do not want to make the treatment worse than the disease.

  • Plan A includes medical therapy options. This always includes nasal saline irrigations and usually includes a topical nasal steroid spray.
  • Plan B is comprehensive allergy testing and treatment. See our Allergies section.
  • Plan C is surgery. We are the most qualified surgeons in the region and offer state-of-the-art sinus surgery, and nasal surgery when necessary.

Treating Rhinosinusitis in Children

Most children with acute rhinosinusitis respond very well to antibiotic therapy.

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