What different cleft conditions are there?

The three primary types of cleft conditions are cleft lip/palate, isolated cleft palate, and isolated cleft lip.

With cleft lip/palate, both the palate and lip are cleft. About one in 1,000 babies are born with cleft lip and palate. Cleft lip/palate:

  • Accounts for about 50% of all clefts
  • Is more common in Asians and certain groups of American Indians
  • Occurs less frequently in African Americans
  • Up to 13 percent of cases present with other birth defects
  • Occurs more often in male children

Isolated cleft palate is the term used when a cleft occurs only in the palate. Isolated cleft palate:

  • Accounts for about 30% of all clefts (1 in 2000 babies)
  • Poses similar risk to all racial groups
  • Occurs more often in female children

Isolated cleft lip refers to a cleft in the lip only, accounting for 20% of all clefts.

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