Facial Injuries

Playing catch, shooting hoops, bicycling on a scenic path or just kicking around a soccer ball have more in common than you may think. On the up side, these activities are good exercise and are enjoyed by thousands of Americans. On the down side, they can result in a variety of injuries to the face.

Many injuries are preventable by wearing the proper protective gear, and your attitude toward safety can make a big difference. However, even the most careful person can get hurt. When an accident happens, it’s your response that can make the difference between a temporary inconvenience and permanent injury.

When someone gets hurt:

  •  Ask “Are you all right?” Determine whether the injured person is breathing and knows who and where they are.
  • Be certain the person can see, hear and maintain balance. Watch for subtle changes in behavior or speech, such as slurring or stuttering. Any abnormal response requires medical attention.
  • Note weakness or loss of movement in the forehead, eyelids, cheeks and mouth.
  • Look at the eyes to make sure they move in the same direction and that both pupils are the same size.
  • If any doubts exist, seek immediate medical attention.

Emergency Supplies to Have on Hand
What You Can Do When Medical Attention Is Required
Preventing Facial Sports Injuries

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